Here at    we honor the tradition and rich experience gained by the original family owned bakery “Bar-El” founded in 2003, by adding innovation and up-to-date research and development to the mix, guaranteeing the absolute best product for conscientious consumers.

Long before Gluten-Free became trendy, local culture and tradition required gluten-free products, and this tradition is the secret behind our rich experience and positioning as a leading gluten-free food manufacturer.

We believe modern functional Gluten-Free living should be healthy, tasty and nutritionally beneficial, and are dedicated to being much more than just a bread or baked product replacement. This core value drove us to be the first to produce gluten-free bread with 33% Less calories than average GF breads, to fuse superfoods such as Teff and Chia to give a boost to your health, to add vitamins and protein and, while we are doing that, why not include a bread which is vegan and sugar free?!

BARILI eagerly responds to all Gluten-free needs with top quality answers, starting from our flours and mixes for both home and industrial applications and up to delicious finished baked goods.

 Responsible nutrition 

Taking gluten free products to the next level


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